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Tyre Navigator is a web-based program that can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. 


This innovative program helps you track and manage vehicles, tyres (from new to destruction) and drivers. For ease and security, there are different levels of access for each user setup on the system.

The Tyre Navigator is divided into the following categories:


  • All information on tyre movement is entered into the system
  • Creates tyres brands, tyre sizes and tyre templates


  • Vehicles and vehicle configurations are created in this section

Route Management

  • This section allows the end user to manage vehicle and drivers’ movements


  • All other costs such as breakdowns, wheel alignment, etc. are managed in this section
  • The user will also be able to create reports on Tyre Navigator – these are divided into three categories as mentioned below:

Reports (Casings)

  • This function helps users to manage cost per hour, CPK (cost per kilometre) on breakdowns and CPK on tyres or on various rubber patterns
  • Manage CPK per year-to-date
  • Managing scrap and scrap analysis
  • Helps users with maintenance reports

Reports (Vehicles)

  • This function helps the end users with cost per vehicle and CPK per vehicle
  • Manage fleet surveys
  • Manage trip sheets per vehicle
  • Assists in monitoring vehicles with above average CPK

Reports (Stock)

  • All stock is monitored with this report
  • Tyres at supplier as well as supplier analysis can be monitored