Leader Tread


Is it cost effective to retread a tyre?

Retreading is certainly very cost effective and in some cases the tread life of a premium retread will out perform the mileage of a new tyre at a little more than a third of a new tyres price. Retreads are a big saving for fleets and have better cost per kilometre than new tyres.

How often can you retread a tyre?

There are many factors that would have an influence on the retread ability of a tyre casing. Firstly some brands do construct their tyre casings to accommodate retreading.
Retread ability will then depend on how well the casing was maintained throughout its entire life, the type of operation and underfoot conditions it is exposed to and on the workmanship of the retreader.
However the national average is 1.75 times

Are retreads safe?

Retreading does not change the structure of a new tyre casing in any way and it is therefore safe. In the retreading process it is merely the tread surface of a retreadable casing that is removed and renewed by replacing the old tread with a new one. Any minor injuries are repaired that will render the casing serviceable and safe. Leader Tread are ISO 9002 approved and we ensure our factories also adhere to Leader Tread specification for retreading tyres.

What mileage can I expect from a retread?

There are many factors that have an influence on the tread life or mileage of a retread such as type of vehicle, length of hall, road surface conditions, weather conditions, vehicle configurations, vehicle engine power, tyre maintenance, vehicle maintenance and driver habits. The key is to select the correct tyre for the application, apply correct maintenance policies whilst controlling the other controllable factors

What sort of tonnage am I able to load into a container for exporting?

On average, we are able to fit
+/- 18 tons into a 20ft container.

What percentage bonding gum would I require when purchasing treads?

You will need around 12% of bonding gum to your tread purchase. Example 10 000kgs precure tread rubber = 1 200kgs bonding gum

What type of training do you offer?

We provide on-going training in our dealers factories whereby we train operators in the retreading process as well as product knowledge and tyre maintenance training to our dealers sales staff

How many tyres can I expect to retread per date if I purchase a 25 tyre chamber?

If your factory is correctly set up with the required machinery and manpower, you should be able to do a maximum of 4-5 cures per day ie 100-125 tyres per 24 hour day. This will entirely depend on the correct factory installation.

What is the chamber curing temperature used for Bonding Gum?

As you may know, rubber is influenced during the curing process by three factors, namely time, temperature and pressure.
Generally, with pressure being a constant, the higher the temperature, the lower the cure time.
We have customers operating from 100 deg C, up to 125 deg c using our low temp bonding and up to 150 deg c using our high temp.