Leader Tread

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We offer a number of services which are all designed to help you get the most out of your Leader Tread products.

Whether you need retreading, electrical and mechanical support, factory assessments or training for your staff, Leader Tread has the service for you.

We employ skilled electricians who are available to assist with the setup of effective power supply throughout your factory.

Our team of CAD operators will assist you in maximising the floor area of your factory. They are able to provide advice on how best to set up, facilitate smooth operations and reduce the waste of expensive floor space.

We have a full support structure in place to assist our customers with mechanical issues.

Should you feel that your factory is not running at maximum capacity, ask one of our production analysts to do an in-depth analysis of your factory. Their recommendations will help you make improvements and facilitate a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Our training and technical teams are available for on-site skills development and training in the following areas:

Retread factory

We train operators in the Leader Retread System, ensuring that the products meet our quality and standards. Each operator is trained on a specific machine or function to guarantee that quality and consistency are maintained.

Operators are educated on basic tyre knowledge, with health and safety procedures playing a vital role in their learnings.

Tyre bay

Basic tyre knowledge, tyre maintenance, work procedures and the tyre management software form part of the practical knowledge that is shared. Health and safety issues are taken very seriously during training.

Repair station

We train operators to repair tyres effectively. This is followed by a breakdown of basic tyre knowledge, construction and the correct application of patch sizes to match the tyre injury. Once again, health and safety is a priority during this training.

Dealer sales staff training

  • Basic tyre knowledge
  • How to plan calls
  • Value-added tools (software/fleet surveys/scrap analysis, etc.)