MM84 Wing Trailer / Sleepwa

Product Detail 

Compounded with Leader Rubber Company’s exclusive MILEMASTER compound.


Premium trailer wheel product for use on tandem and tri-axle trailers with an exceptional resistance to
lateral scrub and shoulder rib tear due to specialised wing tread design.

Features & Benefits

Specially formulated compound ensures excellent durability and mileage achievement.

Wide 4 rib design provides for excellent mileage.

Tapered central grooves, for stone ejection and channeling out water, enhance wet and dry weather grip
and casing protection.

Reduced tread depth minimises tread squirm and provides for increased mileage.


Size Skid depth
190 W 14mm
200 W 14mm
210 W 14mm
220 W 14mm
225 W 14mm
235 W 14mm
245 W 14mm
255 W 14mm
265 W 14mm
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