M7 Drive Pattern Line Extensions

2018 | 07 | 04

Our M7 Drive On/Off pattern which is now available in both Plus and Milemaster compounds, has another new addition to the M7 family.

This range will now include a 190mm width – which brings the line to a total of 7 sizes:

M7 190 – 18mm skid depth
M7 210 – 18mm skid depth
M7 220 – 19mm skid depth
M7 230 – 19mm skid depth
M7 240 – 19mm skid depth
M7 250 – 19mm skid depth
M7 265 – 19mm skid depth

The M7 is a DRIVE wheel application where extra traction and penetration resistance is required in severe off road conditions.

Features & Benefits

* Aggressive lug tread for excellent grip & traction for off road conditions
* Deep tread grooves for long tread life and good mileage
* Large tread blocks to resist penetrations in adverse conditions
* Abrasion resistant compound for drive wheel application